Canadian Interest in MBA Piqued

    The first two results make sense to me. Leaving the work force and paying for an MBA are major financial decisions. The third bullet is surprising. It seems more a reflection of the current attention CSR and sustainable development are receiving in the press than an actionable commitment.

    I have previously written about the global increase in GMAT and MBA application volume. For this blog post, the focus is Canada. In line with the international increased demand for graduate business education, The MBA Tour ,which is hosting three events next week in Canada, is anticipating record attendance at its events north of the border. The Tour announced, “Last year’s overall attendance surpassed expectations by more than double, and 2007 registration is proving that this year will be even more popular.” The Canadian MBA events will take place in Vancouver (Nov. 8), Toronto (Nov. 10), and Montreal (Nov. 12).

    The MBA Tour also sent out a survey to applicants who registered for its events. Here are a few results, culled from the 1000+ responses:

  • Over 50% said their #1 motivation for pursuing an MBA is to enhance their career path.
  • 90% expressed interest in programs that integrate business with environmental needs.
  • Nearly 50% of applicants responded that “Finances and the financial return following completion of the MBA program” was their biggest concern about earning an MBA.
  • The list is drawn in part from work pay for an essay presented this month at the annual conference of the american educational research association, held here