A Conversation about Entrepreneurship with Jeff Reid

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00:04:16 – Why universities struggle with entrepreneurship. (Do you know what the opposite of an entrepreneur is?)

00:28:19 – Are entrepreneurs at a disadvantage when applying to b-school because lower salaries reduce rankings?

00:02:51 – The Entrepreneurship Initiative at Georgetown University: nerdymates.tripod.comessay writing What is and how it works.

00:25:04 – The most important quality for future entrepreneurs to develop.

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00:07:54 – Location, location, location. Entrepreneurial culture thrives alongside the government presence of DC.

00:23:36 – Do you advise students to work for someone else before starting their own ventures?

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00:27:14 – Important courses for the entrepreneurially inclined.

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If you dream of entrepreneurship, tune in to our conversation with Jeff Reid, Director of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative. Listen to the full recording to get the lowdown on the program as well as great info, insights and advice for entrepreneurs.

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00:21:46 – Not just for business students: law and med students join the bandwagon.

00:15:28 – More on “the power of entrepreneurial communities and networks to create social value.”

00:19:51 – What is the Entrepreneurship Initiative doing for MBA students? (Classes, competitions, mentorship, internships, and more)

00:01:52 – Meet Jeff Reid, Director of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative.

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